Roles and Functions of a SOC

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Security Operations Centre or SOC has started to gain a lot of attraction and almost every big company wants to have a SOC to lure customers or to show off.

SOC is a central location where everything related to security under sun can be taken care of like Monitoring threats, Risk Assessment, Log Correlation, detect emerging attacks and so on.

Roles and Functions of a SOC

a) Real time management and Monitoring of VPN devices, Firewalls, IDS and IPS systems, Patch Deployments, Endpoint Threat management, Denial of Service mitigation and even Data Leakage Prevention.

b) Analysis of Security event logs and vulnerability reports and map them with asset information and alerts.

c) Quick response to security problems and emerging threats.

d) Real time view of security across the company network.

e) Protect company network and technology resources from security point of view

f) Protect stakeholders from emerging threats, like employees, clients, etc


Robby said...

thank you good post, you cleared my doubts abt soc instantly


sudheer said...

good post

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