!exploitable by Microsoft - Debugging Extension

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

!exploitable (pronounced “bang exploitable”) is a Windows debugging extension (Windbg) by Microsoft that provides automated crash analysis and security risk assessment. The tool first creates hashes to determine the uniqueness of a crash and then assigns an exploitability rating to the crash: Exploitable, Probably Exploitable, Probably Not Exploitable, or Unknown.

As its name suggests, !exploitable Crash Analyzer (pronounced “bang exploitable crash analyzer”) combs through bugs that cause a program to seize up, and assesses the likelihood of them being exploited by attackers. This tool provides a reliable way for developers to sort through thousands of bugs to identify the several dozen that pose the greatest risk.

The tool creates hashes to ensure each crash is unique then rates them according to how exploitable it is - Exploitable, Probably Exploitable, Probably Not Exploitable or Unknown.

The Project can be found at CodePlex and to know more you can read this accompanying ppt.



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