Report on Data Breaches by Verizon

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Verizon has published report on Data Breaches for 2008

Key Findings of the 2009 Report

  • Most data breaches investigated were caused by external sources.  Seventy-four percent of breaches resulted from external sources, while 32 percent were linked to business partners.  Only 20 percent were caused by insiders, a finding that may be contrary to certain widely held beliefs.
  • Most breaches resulted from a combination of events rather than a single action. Sixty-four percent of breaches were attributed to hackers who used a combination of methods.  In most successful breaches, the attacker exploited some mistake committed by the victim, hacked into the network, and installed malware on a system to collect data. 
  • In 69 percent of cases, the breach was discovered by third parties.  The ability to detect a data breach when it occurs remains a huge stumbling block for most organizations. Whether the deficiency lies in technology or process, the result is the same.  During the last five years, relatively few victims have discovered their own breaches. 
  • Nearly all records compromised in 2008 were from online assets. Despite widespread concern over desktops, mobile devices, portable media and the like, 99 percent of all breached records were compromised from servers and applications. 
  • Roughly 20 percent of 2008 cases involved more than one breach.  Multiple distinct entities or locations were individually compromised as part of a single case, and remarkably, half of the breaches consisted of interrelated incidents often caused by the same individuals. 
  • Being PCI-compliant is critically important.  A staggering 81 percent of affected organizations subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) had been found non-compliant prior to being breached. 
The report has been put up very well and I recommend everyone to have a look at it once.


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