Puppy Linux 4.3 is out with complete overhaul under the hood

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puppy Linux 4.3 is a massive upgrade from the 4.2 series, with almost all the components updated or replaced. Also, the whole system through which this Linux distribution is being built has been replaced with a completely new one, called Woof. The switch imposed the creation of a new package management system, called Puppy Package Manager, which supports the use of packages from any distribution within Puppy.

Puppy Linux 4.3 is powered by the Linux Kernel, which is configured to support multiprocessor systems, EXT4 filesystems and is patched to work with Aufs2. Legacy dial-up modems are well supported, with drivers included for Agere, ESS, Lucent, Conexant, Smartlink, Pctel and Intel chipsets. More up-to-date methods of connecting to the Internet are also supported, including the use of 3G modems.

There are many more changes to puppy linux, I have one of my USB drives that has puppy 4.2 installed. I am currently downloading 4.3 to replace the old version with the new one and I am desperate to try out my 3G modem on puppy. If my 3G modem works that would be the best gift from puppy 4.3 upgrade for my birthday.



trevour said...

Awesome, I love puppy. I was able to recover my windows data files with use of puppy. i was able to mount even ntfs and it worked so well with my usb backup device. i love puppy. It saved me my job or else i would have been in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded puppy 4.3 and i think it is the best usb distro. it did not recognize my 3g card from reliance which would have been better if i had out of box internet support. but all other hardware worked fine.

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