X-Force Threat Insight Report Q2 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

This edition of the X-Force Threat Insight Report provides an exhaustive list of security alerts, breaches and the most commonly seen threats in Q2 2009. It also delivers two new and insightful articles by IBM ISS researchers. The first article assesses one of the more serious threats of 2009, Conficker. The Conficker worm family has evolved into a massive sophisticated malicious botnet arsenal and infrastructure of millions of compromised hosts. Learn what actions your organization can take to mitigate this threat.

The second article discusses Internet fraud schemes, specifically, Advance Fee schemes and Romance scams. These schemes, which are costing victims billions of dollars, exploit human emotions and use social engineering to lead people to make decisions based on their feelings rather than on the facts or logic of the situation. Report


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