Updated: Microsoft COFEE Leaked Download Toolkit

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I had earlier written about Microsoft's COFEE. COFEE utilities are a set of computer forensics and auditing tools that Microsoft had put on a USB drive and provides it to law enforcement for use in trying to extract info from a computer. There was some fear that it was a "back door," but people insisted it was no such thing, but just a collection of basic tools. Still, the fact that the system was promoted as being useful for decrypting passwords and analyzing a computer's data and internet activity seemed troubling. We noted that if Microsoft was giving it out to law enforcement, it seemed likely that others would have access to it as well.

This is one of the best thing that has happened for Forensics Community, To be frank we all wanted it. We wanted to see whats up with this tool from Microsoft. Now I am happy that we have access to it. To see what MS has done in this Incident Response and Data Collection toolkit. I have downloaded and currently reviewing the toolkit. Things look good as for now. Well incase you guys too wanna download Microsoft's COFEE Forensics Toolkit. Look around its not so hard to get hold of a copy.

One thing, I would like to say thanks to Microsoft for making and thanks to the folks leaking it online..

Cheers to All of you


Anonymous said...

awesome. thank much

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