HTTP Parameter Pollution

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

web applications are built using heterogeneous technologies and consist of code that runs on the client (e.g., Javascript) and code that runs on the server (e.g., Java servlets). Even simple web applications today may accept and process hundreds of different HTTP parameters to be able to provide users with rich, interactive services. As a result, dynamic web applications may contain a wide range of input validation vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injection. 

HPP attacks consist of injecting encoded query string delimiters into other existing parameters. If a web application does not properly sanitize the user input, a malicious user can compromise the logic of the application to perform either client-side or server-side attacks. One consequence of HPP attacks is that the attacker can potentially override existing hard-coded HTTP parameters to modify the behavior of an application, bypass input validation checkpoints, and access and possibly exploit variables that may be out of direct reach.
The consequences of the attack depend on the application’s logic, and may vary from a simple annoyance to a complete corruption of the application’s behavior.
The typical client-side scenario consists of persuading a victim to visit a malicious URL that exploits the HPP vulnerability. For example, consider a web application that allows users to cast their vote on a number of different elections. The application, written in JSP, receives a single parameter, called poll_id, that uniquely identifies the election the user is participating in. Based on the value of the parameter, the application generates a page that includes one link for each candidate. For example, the following snippet shows an election page with two candidates where the user could cast her vote by clicking on the desired link:
Url: http://host/election.jsp?poll_id=4568
Link1: Vote for Mr. White
Link2: Vote for Mrs. Green

Presentation on HPP and Online based Service for HPP and url

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