Microsoft Kills OGA to keep people away from Google Docs

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is great news. Not just for people who use pirated office but even people who are still in a fix over using openoffice, google docs etc. Microsoft has stopped office OGA checks which was a pain the ass, Now you can still use your MS Office Installation without doing OGA check. You might see some nagging screens but that should be just fine.

I feel this is an indication that Microsoft is changing and going against Google. If microsoft can make sure people still use MS Office and lock people to use MS Office at home (pirated version) they will be able to keep people from shifting to google docs, most of the google docs users have been the ones who would not like to pay for office etc.  Microsoft is not directly promoting piracy but they are will get an advantage over Google Docs if they get more and more people to use Microsoft' Cash Cow MS Office and Frankly, Anyother office Package, is just not worth it when it comes to MS Office.. I use OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Google Docs and MS Office.. MS Still wins for me.. Darn, I even got Office 2007 installed on Linux using Wine.. :P

Cheers to Microsoft, atleast some of the headaches are going to go away for pirated Office users.

Note: I use a genuine copy of Office 2010 and I don't support Piracy.


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